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on mice not men

By Aku (july 13th:) on mice not men         colonization never ends  :                 MY BODY HAS BEEN CONSUMED  *breathe* My soul is good. My soul is safe. My hand is part of my Body. My hand belongs to my Body. I deeply belong to myself.  *breathe* MEN FRIGHTEN ME      Continue reading “on mice not men”


By Rex Letoa-Paget walk down the only / part of newtown / that hasn’t been gentrified / yet / boarded up / worship halls / line the street / rickety houses / that look like loose teeth / in the / rotten mouth of / white supremacy / graffitied concrete streets / decorated with stainedContinue reading “GIVE ME HOPE, JACINDA”

Queer feminist futures: 5 Cs of Intersectional Youth Leadership Zine

At a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate chaos, global intensification of alt-right white supremacist terrorism, ongoing colonialism, war and occupation, pervasive gender-based violence, intersectional youth leadership is critically urgent for any kind of future at all. My aim with “Queer Feminist Futures: the 5 Cs of Intersectional Youth Leadership” is to present some valuableContinue reading “Queer feminist futures: 5 Cs of Intersectional Youth Leadership Zine”