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on mice not men

By Aku

(july 13th:) on mice not men

        colonization never ends  :        


My soul is good. My soul is safe. My hand is part of my Body. My hand belongs to my Body.

I deeply belong to myself. 


MEN FRIGHTEN ME                


        i grip my sword: a needle in my fist 
        i shift my helmet: a thimble upon my curls

        I Declare War 
                 on blank stares and casual violence– 
        I Fear Nothing

no one shall let me feel that i am dying

any longer.


Bio: My name is Aku. I believe words are meant for everyone. I wish to one day spread words as if they are sunlight and stardust. My parents are from Asia, I was raised in the States, and I hope to return to the Pacific Ocean. I have been previously published in the annual publication of the International Institute of Modern Letters as well as in Tupuranga Magazine. My name means wish or desire, and I hope to make this name which my mother gave me proud.

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