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Constitutional imaginings

Fine muka, wovenby grandmothers’ gnarled hands.Written in a thousand dialectsin a voice we all understand.Punctuated by tūī trills,reverberating whale song.Adorned with treasurefrom children’s trouser pockets.Let it flowwith contours of land,soar high as imagination.Large enough toshelter all,small enough to carry closeto our hearts.Let it rememberWe areof the Earth,Affirmintimate connections,Remind usto love one another,again. By Arama RataContinue reading “Constitutional imaginings”

It is not enough to have the right ideas

“And in the cocoon, magic things can happen”[Illustration by MZ of caterpillar turning into butterfly] It is not enough to have the right ideas. Don’t get me wrong. An idea can be a light in the wild. A beacon in dark and stagnant times. But what we so achingly need, is not just the lightbulb,Continue reading “It is not enough to have the right ideas”

How to Use A Mask

A lot of white people don’t seem to understand what masks are for and why people wear them. This is a basic 101 tutorial since masks have become a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we break down what this exotic cultural artifact is, why people wear it and how to use it properly. NextContinue reading “How to Use A Mask”